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Short Term Rentals (leasing a property for less than 30 days) has been a controversial community issue with strong sentiments and concerns on both sides being expressed. Short Term Rentals are currently deemed as unpermitted in the unincorporated Coastal Zone of Monterey County.

The County has been involved in a long-drawn-out process of trying to establish a countywide ordinance, including the Coastal Zone. Many Highlands residents have provided public comment in this process. The Board of Directors of the Carmel Highlands Association is interested in our members’ position on this issue and if there is any consensus. If a majority of Association members respond to this survey, we will publish result in The Piper.

Your name, email, and vote will be kept in strictest confidence.

Only totals, if majority of residents respond, will be made publicly available.

There is an extension built into to this form, so only one vote per person will be counted.


1. In general, are you in favor or opposed to Short Term Rentals in the Highlands? *
2. Would you be in favor or opposed to a Short Term Rentals ordinance that set strict guidelines and enforcement on # of stays, noise, parking, water use, private roads and land use policies? *
3. Should a homeowner who lives on-premise be allowed to do Short Term Rentals of a guesthouse? *
4. Should a homeowner be able to do an occasional Short Term Rental when on vacation, during large area events, i.e. Car Week, AT&T Golf tournament? *

Board of Directors
Helen Russell - President
Michael Wisner - Vice-President
Christine Arias - Treasurer
Lorri Sullivan - Secretary
Frank Davi - Board Member
Klaus Hedbabny - Board Member
Steve Horvath - Board Member
Lorraine O'Shea - Board Member
Daryl Larsen - Board Member


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