Carmel Highlands Association

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We have available for our use one of the most beautiful beaches on the coast. Access to this beach is restricted to bona fide residents and property owners of the area and their guests. You, a possessor of a gate key, have a special responsibility toward the preservation of this unique and cherished community asset.

While granting us the right of passage to the beach for recreation, the owners of the properties through which the access paths run did not give up their property rights. We must all respect this fact. In addition, since this beach is for the enjoyment of us all, each of us is a guest of their neighbors and should conduct themselves accordingly.

The following Code of Conduct has been formulated from suggestions by members of both the Carmel Highlands and Mal Paso Creek Property Associations together with requests from the property owners adjacent to the beach. In actuality, we simply wish to remind everyone of certain laws and some rules of common courtesy that have always been expected of those using the beach.

  1. BEACH KEYS: A beach key is issued solely for the use of the key holder's own household and may not be given to another household. A maximum of two keys per household will be issued after payment of the designated fees. Fees are applied to the cost of maintaining the beach access and providing liability insurance.

  2. FIREWORKS: All fireworks are illegal! Portable cooking units may be used under certain conditions, but must be fully supervised at all times. Out of courtesy for those who follow, all burned material must be removed when leaving.

  3. LITTERING: Littering is strictly prohibited and any trash, garbage, or the like, must be removed upon departure.

  4. MINORS: All minors under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times when using the beach. Minors between the age of 12 and 18, and their invited friends, may use the beach unaccompanied by adults, with written consent of their respective parents, which may be requested at the time your key or keys are issued.

  5. DOGS: No dog shall be permitted unless accompanied by a person, and sufficiently trained to be responsive to recall command and control of such person or - on leash, per County Ordinance. An owner should immediately place a pet on a leash if requested to do so by any person who is on the beach or pathways.

  6. TIDEPOOLS: The taking of specimens from the tide pools is illegal. This beach is contained within the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and all associated regulations and prohibitions apply.

  7. CLIFFS: The cliffs are easily damaged and may not be climbed as they are private property and not a part of the beach or pathways.

  8. PERSONAL PROPERTY: Boats, or any other equipment, may not be left overnight on the beach or pathways unless permission has been obtained from the owner of the property on which you wish to leave it.

  9. DEMEANOR: Everyone visiting this family beach shall conduct themselves in a manner of dress and deportment that will not offend others.

10. HOURS OF USE: The beach will be considered closed two hours after sunset until sunrise of the following day. This is in consideration of those residents immediately adjacent to the beach.

Short-term rentals (rents under 30 days) have currently been deemed illegal in this unincorporated Coastal Zone by the County of Monterey. Be advised as such, short-term renters, who are not guests of owners but paying renters, do not have the right or permission of the Carmel Highlands Association to access or use its easement to the beach.